Thursday, 21 July 2016

week 1, Lesson 3 of 6: "Hello!" around the World, Iterables in Java Module --Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software

Iterables in Java Module

In this module, you will learn to design and run your first Java programs, including one program that prints “Hello!” in various countries’ languages and another where you will copy and edit many files by converting color images to grayscale. To accomplish these tasks, you will learn about classes constructed for this course: Libraries of iterables that allow you to perform the same task over multiple lines in a document or web page or multiple files within a directory.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Download and run BlueJ, the Java programming environment for this course;
  • Access the documentation for the Java libraries specially designed for this course;
  • Edit, compile, and run a Java program;
  • Construct for loops in Java; and
  • Use Iterables to run a program that iterates over multiple lines in a document or webpage or multiple files in a directory.

Lecture Slides

More Course Resources - This website of programming resources contains pages for each course in the Duke Java Programming specialization. The link above for this course is where you will go to:
  • Download the custom version of the BlueJ environment;
  • Find project resources, such as example code from the lecture videos;
  • Download images and data files for the programming exercises; and
  • See documentation for the custom classes developed for this course.

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